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Laws, Government,Religion and Freedom.


Freedom in a nation of Laws is a relative term. To say we in The United States are “free” is using a very narrow element of that word. Own your own business and you will quickly discover how “free” you are not. We are a nation, a society of LAWS and PUNISHMENTS that dictate almost every aspect of our living. LAW is not freedom. Law is needed when a people choose to live together as a society or is it? Could it be that Law is needed because people have not yet evolved to a place of living together in freedom?


Over 2400 years ago Siddhartha, Jesus and Paul spoke and wrote in opposition to religious laws over internal faith. Living from within, or as it was referred to as “laws written on the heart”, instead of living controlled by external laws of morality.
Freedom is a birth-reality and the mystics of many different traditions all teach that religions should be a place where that “internal knowing” our natural moral and creative compass is nurtured, supported and explored.
Moving minds from external laws to internal freedom is not an easy or quick process but it is the goal of progressive religion to do just that. This is the meaning in the words “you must be born-again” and “I will put my laws in their hearts”. A baby is born free but without understanding of what freedom is. An adolescent and adult both come to understand law, both experience it everyday, telling them how fast to drive or what is appropriate to wear and often loose the connection to the free voice within them.




In today’s world, Advertising tells us what we can’t live without, entertainment news tells us what we should be upset about, our education systems teach us how to do certain tasks and religion gives us a connection to the past and each other through tradition? But what do you, without any of those influences, want? What do you, without any of those influences, think? Without the input of the external world, who are you?

Laws are a function of government and could it be that today’s government’s are simply a crutch used in the evolutionary process of human beings much the same way that training wheels are first used to learn how to ride a bike. Each of us was born with the ability to balance; the training wheels just keep you from falling over as you discover and manifest the ability to balance on the bike. Freedom like balance is not a function that government can produce. At best the government can keep us from destroying ourselves as we discover who we actually are in freedom and what we can be free together.


The highest a functional government can be is serve the will of the people and let freedom be. How can a government be the servant of the will of a people who don’t live from the freedom they are born with? How can one expect “good government” when its people’s minds are controlled by something other than the freedom they possess within.

The top rated show today is “The Walking Dead”; a show about people fighting and killing people who have become zombies and fighting others who are killing to survive and have more. It’s based on the thought of the survival of the fittest which is the base or lowest of human collective thought – us and them. If a people’s collective thought is centered on the “us and them”, and the will of the people is to “destroy them”, what kind of a servant government will be produced?
Raising consciousness i.e. connecting to your inner knowing is the role of both our religious, educational and possibly even our entertainment systems. Today many of our religious systems teach tradition instead of introducing you to higher thought. Our educational systems teach methodology over free-thought and entertainment is more about fighting and competing than cooperating.
If government is just the “will” of its people, then, in order for the government to change, first the people need to know who they are, and what they really want. People need to rediscover the freedom they were born with so they can live from it and be free.


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