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The difference between a Seeker and One with Understanding

The difference between a Seeker and One with Understanding


Last Saturday at our gathering I happen to have an observation (this happens on rare occasions). In the conversation we were having we were talking about some of the visitors who had passed through a gathering or two and some of the brothers and sisters from our past who we had known.

The question came up “why is it so difficult to have fellowship with some brothers and sisters and relatively easy with others?”. Personality didn’t seem to answer the question because their were just to many different types of personalities that had visited and were in the room. The thought that came to me was the issue of both knowing and seeking. I have met a lot of brothers and sisters who are very comfortable with the God they know. They are interested in new insights here and their as long as they fit into their present religious world view and in this outline they feel they have come to a pretty good understanding of who God is and how He operates.

Then you have the people who have either had their Christian church pull out from under them, some seem to find God in any and everything and still others want to know God but cannot stand Christianity in any way shape or form. They are seekers who just don’t settle for cramming square pegs into round holes even though if you push hard enough you can get them in.

Judaism as a religion rejected God/Jesus because He did not fit into their religious world view. Christianity has rejected God/many brothers and sisters (you know “if you have done it unto the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me”) over the years because their understanding did not fit into the Churches (i.e. Church Leaderships) religious world view.

The nature of the seeker is to explore and some times in exploration you go down dead ends and other times you find new discoveries that cause you to rethink so much, almost all of what you have understood. The key characteristic of the Seeker is that he does not fear what he does not know or understand. The seeker does not hold what he has learned or come to know very tightly because he realizes that in order to gain the new he will have to let go of the old. The key characteristic of the Understanding person is protection. They like their overall understanding and do not allow it to be moved or attacked as they would understand it. The Understanding  person likes greater understanding to be added to their knowing but they have come to a place in their life where they do not explore brand new things because like Jesus said as recorded in

 Luke 5: 39  And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for he says, ‘The old is better.’ “

I do not say all this to say that the Understanding person has arrived or is better than the Seeker or vice versa I simply say this as an observation as to why some brothers and sisters have a hard time fellowshipping with other brothers and sisters. Some tweak what they know while others let go of what they know to gain the new.


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