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Living by Faith If we have Ears to Hear

Rom.10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Faith comes by hearing Jesus Christ speak to YOU!        

Rom.10:16-17 But not all obey the evangel, for Isaiah is saying, “Lord, who believes our tidings?” Consequently, faith is out of tidings, yet the tidings through a declaration of Christ. (Concordant Literal)

What a simple statement by Paul to the saints in Rome but oh so powerful. 

Is it possible to live a life of faith and never hear Jesus speak to you?  

The 90’s was a time filled with the “Faith” message yet I don’t really remember it being about hearing Jesus speak.  You needed to have faith and if you or someone else was not healed it was probably because of your lack of faith. Faith seemed to be believing that Jesus is God. Faith is about believing in the blood of Jesus Christ or maybe as Wikipidia says “Faith is a belief in the trustworthiness of an idea.”  What does this have to do with simply hearing Jesus speak.  Why do we have to make things so complex???  Isn’t getting into the kingdom easy enough for a child to do?

To live a life of faith is not for every one who has met Jesus Christ or believes that He is God. A life of faith is only for those who desire to follow Him, serve Him and even be discipled by Him. You see faith is the responce to hearing Jesus speak and doing what He says. In order to hear Jesus speak we need to ask for ears that can hear Him. Possibly one of the most important things a believer can ask of Jesus is “Lord give me ears that hear you.”  Jesus wants a real relationship with us, he wants to fellowship with us.

How can we hear the voice of Jesus – Here is some of the ways I have heard Him

In a still small voice inside of me, a friends words, a movie, a poem, a tree, a song, a persons prayer, the sky, in several books of all kinds, through my parents, in a meeting, a Jewish book, in the stars, through a message by a prophet, in my kids questions, though tears, through a crazy man, in the church and even through the Bible. I believe that all creation can and does proclaim Him if WE HAVE EARS TO HEAR HIM AND A HEART TO BELIEVE.


One response

  1. brotherjohnny

    ” You see faith is the responce to hearing Jesus speak and doing what He says.”

    Faith and obedience are inseperably bound up together:
    “The obedience of faith”.

    In many places in scripture we would do well to read ‘faith’ as ‘faithfulness’.

    October 21, 2008 at 1:13 pm

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