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Review of “The Butterfly in You” by Milt Rodriguez


Book Review 

In this book Milt has done a wonderful job of laying out the broad view of what our life in Christ Jesus is all about. Within the introduction Milt asks the question that everybody will ask many times over in their life – What is the Purpose of my life? – In this relatively short book Milt is able to present an awsome picture of our life in Christ through the process of a life in metamorphosis. He tells the story through the eyes and experience of a Caterpillar/Butterfly named Fred. The message is this book is simple in its presentation but very powerful in challenging ones view of the life of Christ in us. The book is very easy to follow and understand with simple questions and statements like

Christ in you the Hope of glory” – Do we really believe it?”

…this event shows us how metamorphosis works. The life within breaks forth and is expressed without.”

You already are a new person inside.”

God has already provided a cocoon environment for you.”

Cocoon life means that you are growing into Christ together with your brothers and sisters.”

So learning the Word of God means to learn Christ. This is all about learning a Person and that Person is a community made up of head and body.”

We learn this person by relating to all his parts. We learn about life from this corporate/community.”


From Birth in Christ right into the Kingdom of God on this earth Milt is able to take you through, in an easy to understand way, this process of transformation. He explains this process without bringing the reader under a law or burdening you with a bunch of stuff you need to do. I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking for understanding in who you really are.

Read this book and enjoy a different view of the journey we are on with our Head Jesus Christ and us, His Body the Church.


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