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Who Leads the Church

The church in the wilderness looked for God’s direction in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. When the cloud moved it meant that the church in the wilderness needed to pack up and move with it. Nothing was ever able to get so set because over the 40 years that they were in the wilderness God continually moved them. The same has happened all through church history the only problem has been that when the cloud would move not all of God’s people would move with it. The Lutheran’s saw the cloud move but a lot of the Catholics didn’t – the Lutheran’s didn’t follow it when it moved with Anabaptist and the Anabaptist didn’t follow when it moved again and so on and so on and so on! Its like Christians move once in their lifetime and no more. The church in the wilderness moved several times during the 40 years they were in that wilderness. The moving cloud – I believe is the HEADSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST! So many Christians have followed it Corporately at least once in their life time and hold onto the memory of that experience often until the day they die. I don’t want this to be a one time corporate experience for me – I really desire it to be a lifelong corporate journey for myself and the brothers and sisters I meet with. I think it was Peter who wanted to make something out of the experience he witnessed at the transfiguration of Jesus Christ.
Mk 9:3-8 …..And Elijah (representing the Prophet’s), together with Moses (representing the Law), was seen by them, and they were conferring with Jesus. And answering, Peter is saying to Jesus, “Rabbi, it is ideal for us to be here! And we should be making three tabernacles: for Thee one, and for Moses one, and for Elijah one.” …… And there came a cloud overshadowing them. And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My Son, the Beloved. Hear Him!” And suddenly, looking about, they no longer perceived anyone, except Jesus only, with themselves. CLV

Again the cloud appears – along with the other two voices that God had used to lead the church in the wilderness – saying to Peter  “THIS IS MY SON THE BELOVED – HEAR HIM!” And no longer was Moses “the Law” to be the voice of God and no longer was Elijah “the Prophet” to be the voice of the Lord and no longer is the cloud going to lead – These three represent all of scripture and All three were pointing to one! – and all Peter is left with is Jesus Christ and only His voice is who the church is to follow.

The fellowship that I meet with is listening for the true cloud to speak. We desire to follow where He will lead us – He has already gone ahead and prepared the way and now we hear Jesus calling to us and saying come. What does this “Come” mean? It means change. What kind of change? We won’t look to Moses to find out nor we we look to the Prophets to tell us – I guess we will find out the same way they did we listen and follow the real cloud of God – Jesus Christ.


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  1. brotherjohnny

    Interesting perspective, brother.
    I tend to believe that the exodus has been accomplished or ‘worked into us’ by the work of Christ while the outworking of that same salvation simply takes place in whatever circumstances and situations we may find ourselves.

    As far as a corporate experience of this journey is concerned….I believe the Lord gives us a lot of freedom in what that may or may not look like.

    I do know that we are known to be the Lords people by our love for one another (hopefully).
    To me, any other criteria just falls way too short.

    I would love to hear your expanded thoughts on this, bro.

    By the way, I live in Georgia…..
    Don’t believe everything you see on t.v.
    I haven’t seen one bomb yet!!

    August 20, 2008 at 1:17 am

  2. I agree that the exodus has been accomplished by Jesus work on the cross. The wilderness experience I guess I view as a time where our heart and minds is renewed as it learns to hear and follow the Spirit’s leading. This process of learning to hear and follow the Spirit’s leading is only really accomplished within the corporate experience. It is within a real corporate experience where we can “walk out” a corporate walk instead of a individual one. Until we as the church begin to live more as one we will never be able to experience the things we individually need to experience in order to mature to the place where we can enter the land (Christ) in a permanent way. It is the practice of the corporate that I hope to be able to have more of in the days to come. To hold hands and say we are one is not the same as living communally as one. Until we can begin to live the oneness that Christ has made us I believe we will remain very ineffective in this world.

    August 20, 2008 at 3:47 am

  3. brotherjohnny

    I totally agree with the necessity of having and functioning within a corporate experience, and the part which that plays in our journey.

    What the Lord has been showing me lately is the reality and importance of our individuality (not to be confused with individual-ism).

    After jumping head first into community life four years ago, I found myself submerged in the concept and reality of corporate life.

    It has taken some time for me to realize, and I know that this may sound strange, that the ‘corporate’ is made up of the ‘individuals’….therefore to cease functioning as the unique individuals, we also cease to give full expression as a True Corporate Entity.

    What happens all too often is that most people who acquire a revelation of and take part in community life begin to take on the personality of the stronger one or two people resulting in just another ‘cult’ type group…or else just sit passively ‘in awe’ or intimidated.

    They fear being who they truly are in Christ and so decide to act like someone else.

    Or they leave.

    Granted, we all affect one another, and play our own part in shaping and being shaped by those around us.

    I believe that this is why it is so important for us to have our own individual ‘mountain’ or ‘garden’ experiences with the Lord, and to maintain a walk after Him regardless of our physical proximity to our brothers and sisters.

    He is the one who draws believers together, although He can surely do that through us!!

    I totally believe in ‘the corporate expression’, but like I said before, I think that we are granted an enormous amount of freedom as to what that might look like.

    It is when the individuals who are ‘dead, and whose lives are hid with God in Christ’ come together that the church can be seen and heard.

    Now that I’ve rambled for an hour in your comments section…
    …..I also agree that we ought not look to Moses, nor the prophets…and again, I agree with you about looking to Jesus….but, how do you fit Paul into the ‘equation’ (or do you)?
    Look to him, and/or the other N.T. writers or go straight for The Head?

    I hope you don’t mind alllllll of this feedback from this one chatty brother.


    August 20, 2008 at 8:33 pm

  4. Johnny,
    I agree – The corporate is made up of strong individuals who are pursuing Him. Some who come into corporate life live off the life that others are experiencing and they are not seeking Christ on their own. A pinkie needs to be a pinkie in order for the hand to properly function. A pinkie will not allow the hand to be effective if it does what the thumb is doing (I don’t know about the analogy but you get it). Conformity to anything but the living indwelling life of the Lord is death.

    Paul? I think it is a good thing to follow him – He pursued Christ – We should pursue Christ! I consider Paul, John, Matthew, Mark – all these brothers wrote from their experience of walking with Jesus. They offer a wonderful testimony and encouragement to all of us who are in pursuit of the Lord. Were they writing a new rule or instruction book on how to live a life like Christ? I don’t think so. Did they want us to look to them for direction? I don’t think so – Paul says in his letter to the Galatians 1:6 – I marvel that you are so quickly removing from Him who has called you. I don’t think that the “Him” Paul is talking about is himself.

    Jesus himself set the example for the Christian life when he lived and said “I am doing nothing, but, according as My Father teaches Me, these things I am speaking” Jesus followed the Father who dwelt within Him – Jesus says “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me;and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life.
    People would rather go to the scriptures and NT letters to find out the proper way to live instead of going directly to Jesus. The scriptures bare witness to Jesus and NT letters demonstrate the results of people going to Jesus and people not going to Jesus to find the way to live.
    oh well this is my chatty stuff brother

    August 20, 2008 at 9:30 pm

  5. brotherjohnny

    Well said, Chris.

    When I approach the new testament as real personal records written by various first century Christ followers as opposed to a religious technical manual, I tend to glean much more life.

    I’ve always interpreted that “Follow (Paul) as (Paul) follows Christ”, statement to mean much the same as what you said above.

    “I’m following Christ, and so should you”.

    Now for the other side of my brain……

    I think that these 1st century apostles did have a unique calling and purpose and therefore they were used of God in a way which was unique to their context while remaining relevant to ours.

    For me, personally, their words still do carry lot’s and lot’s of weight. But even so, there is always a danger in getting so hung up on the letter, that we totally miss the Spirit….and this, to me (and I believe to them also) is what it is ALL about.

    Here’s to true freedom in Him, my Brother!!

    August 21, 2008 at 2:42 am

  6. Amen Johnny,
    If not for the gospels it would be very hard to be able to hear the Lord’s voice of love and compassion within us!

    If not for Paul’s letter to Galatia we might of never of broken away from being a Jewish sect. All these letters rip from our hands the things we tend to rely on and point us directly to Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith!

    August 21, 2008 at 12:33 pm

  7. Christo

    I enjoyed this, thanks guys.

    September 2, 2008 at 11:30 am

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