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Reimagining Church by Frank Viola

Dear Brothers and Sisters, what a wonderful vision of the functioning church Frank has been able to describe in Reimagining Church. With a solid and dynamic foundation in the fellowship of the Godhead, Frank takes the reader on a journey out of an institutional mindset and into an organic way of seeing what the writers of the scriptures were experiencing and communicating in the letters they wrote. In Frank’s own words he says:

“Christians must learn the language of scripture with respect to the church. The original meaning of countless biblical terms like “church, “ “minister,””house of God ,”…..have largely been lost. These words have been invested with institutional power. A power that was foreign to those who originally penned them.”

Reimagining Church challenges the reader’s mindset towards a different vista. To see from the table of fellowship in the Godhead and to not settle for the good that we have experienced in the church, but to desire the BEST of what God has intended for the church in its practice and expression of His life. Each chapter takes on well known doctrines and practices of the modern church and lays them out as they are presently practiced, and then, challenges them through the light of God’s intention of community with man. In other words, Frank challenges us by asking how our church practices lines up with the reality of God’s eternal purpose.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those who have left the institutional form of church and who desire to meet in a practical way under the headship of Jesus Christ. To those of us attempting to meet in an organic way this book is a refreshing and pointed challenge for us to seek the fellowship in the Lord, examine our forms of meeting and yield to his building of us together in Christ.

Over the past 12 years, we have had many visitors to our organic church gatherings. We often ask our visitors if they have questions or comments, but have found that most people don’t even know where or how to begin with their questions. With Reimagining Church, many of the “big” questions are asked and answered in a clear way that point’s to God’s eternal purpose. I believe that being able to put this book in both brothers and sisters hands will help open up understanding and conversation, thus, pointing us into the fellowship of Christ.

Your brother chris pridham


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